About Us

Whether you are a knitting newbie or a career crocheter, Marriner Yarns is passionate about being a reliable yarn shop that makes it possible to keep creating what you love, for consistently low prices and always outstanding value. As part of the yarn-loving community ourselves, we want you all to be able to get the most from our shop at all times. You won’t find any complicated offers or blink-and-you’ll-miss-it discounts here.

From our famous £1.10 Double Knit yarn to Super Chunky, 4 ply yarn, cotton DK yarn and other premium-quality ranges - we know the importance of being able to find that perfect yarn that you love to work with again and again, fitting perfectly within your wool stash.

Marriner Yarns has years of experience in providing your favourite knitting and crochet yarns; always running parallel with Britain’s growing love of both of these crafts. As yarn lovers ourselves, we know you look for outstanding value and quality service, which is why this always remains at the heart of what we do.