Circular Knitting Needles 80cm (Length)

These aluminium circular needles have a flexible cable joining two needles and are ideal for round knitting projects like skirts. For heavy, and also for flat projects this means the weight of the garment can rest in your lap.

Smooth design ensures that the yarn glides effortlessly over the lightweight aluminium needles onto the cord, while the needles have the right point on the tip not to split the wool.

Choose the length of cable suitable for your project, 80cm is ideal for adult jumpers and larger projects.

The needles themselves are 14cm long each, the cable is 52cm long.

Needle Sizes:
2.75mm Aluminium 80cm
3.00mm Aluminium 80cm
3.25mm Aluminium 80cm
3.75mm Aluminium 80cm
4.00mm Aluminium 80cm
4.50mm Aluminium 80cm
5.00mm Aluminium 80cm
5.50mm Aluminium 80cm
6.00mm Aluminium 80cm
6.50mm Aluminium 80cm
7.00mm Aluminium 80cm
10.00mm Plastic 80cm




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