Crochet Hooks 15-17cm (Length)

Crochet Hooks come in a variety of sizes and materials. Various sizes enable you to create a range of chain sizes and crocheted pieces. Crochet hooks are typically made of wood, metal or plastic.

Be advised the 12mm hook is the only one which is 17cm long.

Hook Sizes:
2.50mm Aluminium 15cm - out of stock
3.00mm Aluminium 15cm
3.50mm Aluminium 15cm
4.00mm Aluminium 15cm
4.50mm Aluminium 15cm
5.00mm Aluminium 15cm
5.50mm Plastic 15cm
6.00mm Plastic 15cm
8.00mm Plastic 15cm
9.00mm Plastic 15cm
10.00mm Plastic 15cm
12.00mm Plastic 17cm

Sorry, but this item is currently out of stock

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