Knitting Needles 30cm (Length)

These strong, quality knitting needles come in a reusable plastic wallet for safekeeping and to keep them paired.
Knitting needles come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles to enable knitters to create a range of stitch sizes.

Needle sizes/material:
2.75mm Aluminium 30cm
3.00mm Aluminium 30cm
3.25mm Aluminium 30cm
3.75mm Aluminium 30cm
4.00mm Aluminium 30cm
4.50mm Aluminium 30cm
5.00mm Aluminium 30cm
5.50mm Plastic 30cm
6.00mm Plastic 30cm
6.50mm Plastic 30cm
7.00mm Plastic 30cm
8.00mm Plastic 30cm
9.00mm Plastic 30cm
10.00mm Plastic 30cm
12.00mm Plastic 30cm




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