Marriner Romney Vale 100% Wool Fleece Filling/Stuffing

Reared in nearby fields close to our HQ, this filling has been made using the fleece of our very own flock.

After shearing, the raw fleece is collected. It is then thoroughly washed and carded/brushed. That's it.


The fleece of the Romney sheep is semi-lustrous and it's considered to be the finest quality of any native British sheep breeds, at around 32 microns, whereas other typical sheep breeds are around 50 microns.

The fleece is beautifully soft and silky to the touch and really must be experienced. It will be wonderful to fill cuddly toys and cosy cushions, and can also be used for hand-dyeing, felting or spinning.

Each bag is 250g approx. Hand wash only.

Please note: This is 100% completely natural fleece, and as such will not be completely uniform in colour or texture. The natural fleece colour is off-white and it may have denser spots in some areas of the fleece. There also may be some small pieces of organic material remaining in the fleece.

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