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With knitting yarn coming in so many different thicknesses, colour variations and textures it’s easy to forget where British knitting began – wool.

At Marriner our very first yarns were wool yarns, spun in a Yorkshire mill back in 1784. Since then it’s fair to say that we’ve moved with the demands of our customers, offering acrylic based yarns to meet current trends. However we’ve always taken a great sense of pride in remaining true to our roots, incorporating British Wool into our range whenever possible.

On a sunny morning in June, we were delighted to be invited along to a British Farm to witness the beginnings of the knitting wool manufacturing: sheep shearing.

 ‘A Close Shave’ – Stage 1 of British Wool

We’re sure you’ll agree that the above video, is a humbling reminder that the wool we knit with and wear, often taken for granted, has literally grown on these amazing creatures. To echo the sentiments of farmer John Jones, we feel very privileged to play our part in keeping the age old industry of British Wool alive and, in the case of the sheep, quite literally ‘kicking’!

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