Buy British Wool

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Since the day our Greengate Mill opened in 1784 right up to today, Marriner Yarns has always had a deep rooted affinity with British wool.

In a global market where knitters are always looking for the best yarns at the most competitive prices, it would be easy for a company to lose track of its roots and forget where it’s come from. However at Marriner we’re proud that all of the wool we use in our wool yarns: Marriner Aran with Wool 400g (£5.50)  and Marriner Double Knit with Wool 100g only use British wool.

We only use British wool in our wool yarns.

We only use British wool in our wool yarns.

We’re proud to offer our customers the best possible wool content at an unbeatable price whilst supporting British farmers.

To find out more about our wool and acrylic yarns be sure to drop by and see for yourself why Marriner has been keeping Britain knitting since 1784.