Marriner’s British Wool – A flock update

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Our Marriner flock is well and truly at home in their lush, green sloping field. They are more than happy spending their days roaming the small hills and munching their way through a considerable amount of grass.

Their fleece is getting thicker by the day and we can already tell that it’s going to be quite soft. They are due their very first haircut around this time, and we can’t wait to take you through the whole process from shearing, to scouring, roving, spinning and, finally, winding. With only a small flock we won’t see a huge amount of wool from this first shearing, but we are excited to start the process and be able to offer our very own Marriner wool.

Marriner Flock in their field

Romneys are slightly unusual as they are usually sheared twice a year, compared with just once for a…

Bulky Blanket Yarn – Marriner’s New Guest Yarn

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Marriner Yarns | Special Guest Yarn | Bernat Blanket Yarn

Autumn has arrived and we can think of nothing else but getting cosy every evening and delving into our knitting and crochet – and what else to create during autumn other than a soft and snuggly blanket?

We know that you are all pulling out your projects now that our scorcher of a summer has finished, and it looks like the windy and rainy weather has certainly announced that autumn is most definitely here. Perfect weather for hiding under a blanket – but first you need to make it!

At Marriner, our own blanket kits in DK, Chunky, and Super Chunky have proven to be extremely popular, and we have heard your requests for bigger and squishier yarn that would create huge blankets – and no yarn could be more perfect for…

The rise of the great-value, budget yarn

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Since the 40s and 50s, acrylic fibres have provided an alternative to natural fibres and made cheap and value yarns accessible to everyone who knits, crochets or works with yarn.

While natural fibres, such as wool or alpaca, are still very much sought after and natural fibres undoubtedly produce some beautiful yarns, these qualities and textures are being recreated by man-made fibres and turned into extremely affordable yarns that are now more popular than ever before.

Is acrylic yarn better than natural yarn?

There are advantages and disadvantages to natural and man made materials, but just because low cost or…