Marriner DK washability

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Knitting or crocheting anything with yarn is incredibly satisfying, but when it comes to washing those precious garments, blankets, and other creations, it can create a slight pang of anxiety. Should you wash it warm? Cold? Does it need to be hand washed? Will it affect the quality? Will it run, stretch, or alter the fit? Should I even wash it at all…?

These are all valid questions that arise when faced with a handmade item – after all, it doesn’t usually come with a handy label telling you how to care for it. When it comes to yarns, the sheer variety of materials available can also confuse things further – can you treat wool the same as you would cotton? Can you wash man-made yarn such as acrylic?

Acrylics yarns are often far more affordable and accessible than natural fibres, like wool. Acrylic yarns are known for their colour-fast properties, as well as having less ‘give’ than wool, meaning that it is less likely to stretch out of shape when wet or drying. Our Marriner Yarns DK is the perfect option as a yarn that is incredibly affordable, while also being extremely practical – it is colour-fast, machine washable and hard-wearing, while still remaining smooth and soft – making it a great choice for everyday garments, especially for children, as well as blankets toys and more.

The Jumper Test

To demonstrate the practicality of our Double Knit, we knitted two jumpers and put one through its paces with washing and tumble drying, so we could offer a genuine impression of how it holds up.


The Process

The jumper on the right was machine washed and then tumble dried a total of 20 times over a few weeks.

As per our care instructions for the Double Knit yarn, the jumper was washed on a wool wash.

Following questions from customers about tumble drying, we have now tested it and will be adding to the DK ball bands.


After being put through its paces in the wash and tumble, you can see that the pink jumper is still indistinguishable from the purple jumper. Additionally, you can see that there is also no pilling of the yarn – it is still as smooth as the unwashed jumper.

Double Knit is a truly versatile yarn and can be used for a huge range of projects, and now you can be sure that Marriner DK yarn will stand the test of time as shown above – perfectly soft and smooth while also being truly practical. No more uncertainty of how to treat your handmade projects and no more worrying about any washing accidents that might ruin what you worked hard to create.

Our Double Knit is only £1 for a 100g ball – so you can be confident that you are getting supreme value alongside supreme quality – giving you the ultimate confidence in your projects.