Marriner Flock Dental Check-up

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Our yearly dental check-up on our flock of ewes was carried out this weekend at the Marriner farm. A basic inspection can reveal problems that could hold back performance of our lovely ladies.

Why do we do it?

Poor teeth can reduce food intake and correct nutrition which then leads to a loss of body condition and poor infertility in our flock. The ewes were quietly gathered and put into a race which enabled farmer Colin and Philip to examine the ewes comfortably.

How do we do it?

Philip gently parted the top and bottom lips to expose the teeth. He then ran his finger over their closed jaw to see if any protruding occurs. They were looking for rotten teeth, lumps, cysts, and sharp points which could be broken or damaged teeth.

What else do we check for?

Unpleasant smells from the mouth which could indicate trapped food in broken teeth. We checked for any wincing from the ewes when they felt around the mouth & put pressure to the side of the mouth. Any excessive salivation from the ewe’s mouth can indicate a problem.