Marriner Flock | It’s scanning day at Marriner Farm…

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A few weeks ago, our ladies of the Marriner Flock were paid a visit for their routine scan.

Chris stopped by the Marriner Farm and saw every single ewe to determine how many lambs she may be carrying.

The ladies are sent through a special run, that allows Chris access to place a probe on the udder. This will then send out soundwaves, which bounce back and present an image of the lambs on the screen. Just as you would see in a human ultrasound examination.

Depending on the number of lambs the ewes are carrying, they are then marked with blue, red, or green. This distinction is important as it allows us to easily tell which of our ladies is carrying one lamb, twins, or triplets.

These ewes can then be separated, so we can be sure that those who are carrying two or more lambs receive more care and nutrition. They need this extra bit of TLC to ensure they carry their little ones to term and deliver healthily.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information and a video about this process soon.