Marriner Flock | Simone the Lamb

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We were thrilled at the arrival of the Marriner lambs a few months ago, but one of the little ones didn’t have a very strong start with the rest of the flock.


Simone the lamb was suffering from Joint-ill, an infection that affects the joints of lambs, causing swelling and difficulty standing or walking. Monty the lab took to the little guy immediately and became his protector after we brought him inside to help with his recovery.


Simone needed to be on a strict course of antibiotics to fight the infection, so was regularly bottle fed to make sure he was getting everything he needed. Despite needing the safety and security of the house for his recovery, Simone still had regular visits with his mum, especially as he started to get stronger and stand for short periods, to make sure that important bond still remained.

After a few months of TLC, Simone the lamb is now happy and healthy and already back with his mum – and he’s almost as big as her! Don’t miss his distinctive beauty spot on his neck…

And he’s still the best of friends with Monty of course!