Marriner Flock | The lambs have arrived

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It’s Easter weekend, and the perfect time to welcome the new arrivals on Marriner farm.

Happy Easter!

All the team at Marriner Yarns has been very excited this week as we get news of more and more baby lambs arriving at the farm. Our special flock of Romney ewes have been amazing and we are happy to say that we now have 40 more lambs at the farm – with more still on the way!

When each ewe has her lambs, they are sheltered in a small shed, away from the rest of flock, to allow them time to rest – you can find out more about this from Marriner’s farmer, Colin next week…

We can already see the lambs’ individual personalities coming through – and we certainly have a few cheeky chappies. These twins were the first to arrive on the farm, and are become quite a handful as they get their noses into everything and leap between the fields!

It’s truly a joy to spend some time on the farm – all the Marriner team agree that we could stand there and watch the lambs run around all day. We can’t wait to see how they grow up in the coming weeks and bring you more updates.