Marriner Flock | Get to know Marriner’s farmer

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After introducing you to our flock and our gorgeous new lambs on the Marriner farm, we thought it was about time that you heard from Mr. Marriner himself, and how he came to be our farmer.

We couldn’t be happier that Colin’s ‘hobby’ has turned into something so wonderful. It’s been a great opportunity for a lot of the Marriner team to get involved, spend some time in the countryside, and see the very beginnings of the wool production process.

Colin loves heading out to see the flock every morning, and he makes sure they are very well looked after – especially now that their little ones have arrived. Colin makes sure they will grow up strong and healthy like their parents, so they can eventually donate their own beautiful fleece to be turned into more batches of Marriner wool in the future.

Almost all of the lambs have now arrived, so Colin is even busier than usual running around after them all. We will have more updates on our lambs soon when the flock is moved to a new field and the lambs have somewhere new to play.