Adults & Kids Country Hat & Scarf Kits


Support your favourite team in style for this year’s Six Nations! Create a cosy hat and scarf striped in your team’s colours which are available in both adult and kids’ sizes.

Includes 100g Double Knit Balls and Pattern.

Countries Available:

England: 2x Navy, 1x White, 1x Red.
France: 2x Royal, 1x Red, 1x White.

Out of Stock:
Ireland: 2x Emerald, 1x White, 1x Jaffa.
Italy: 2x Madonna, 1x Red, 1x Emerald, 1x White.
Scotland: 2x Navy, 1x White, 1x Pale Blue.
Wales: 2x Red, 1x Emerald, 1x White.

£5.00(in stock)



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