Marriner Double Knit Colour Bumper Packs

Our classic Double Knit yarn, collected and correlated into themed collections. Whether capturing the beauty of Woodland, prepping for Halloween, getting into the Christmas spirit or knitting gifts for the little ones, there is a bundle for everyone. Great as a starter pack for those just getting starting on their 'Made with Marriners' adventure.

Smooth, soft, and beautiful to work with, it's no surprise that our Double Knit yarn is our most popular range - made with 100% premium acrylic. Super affordable for a classic Double Knit you won't need to look any further than our own yarn.

Offered in a great variety of shades, from greys to blues, to purples, to greens, this is a versatile yarn; there is a colour perfect for all people and all projects and it can be used with any Double Knit pattern. At only £1.25 per 100g ball, they are the best price available. Perfect for experimenting or making sure your knitting or crochet essentials are always topped up.

What's Included?
Blues: White (40), Pale Blue (47), Madonna (33), Navy (43), Royal (86)
Christmas: Apple (16), Claret (32), White (40), Red (42), Emerald (91)
Circus: Red (42), Jaffa (63), Sunrise (70), Cordial (162), Royal (86)
Halloween: Purple (17), Jaffa (63), Black (44), Cordial (162), Poppy (18)
Nautical: White (40), Pale Blue (47), Madonna (33), Red (42), Navy (43)
Pinks: White (40), Pink (46), Pale Rose (111), Fondant (52), Fiesta (64)
Sherbet: Pink (46), Lemon (48), Sweet Pea (147), Aqua (130), Lupin (151)
Sunrise: Storm (132), Madonna (33), Pale Blue (47), Begonia (150), Sunflower (75)
Sunset: Purple (17), Cerise (97), Berry (146), Cinnamon (131), Mustard (136)
Twilight: Purple (17), Violet (94), Lavender (53), Royal (86), Navy (43)

Out of stock:
Woodland: Lovat (144), Mink (143), Cinnamon (131), Oatmeal (35), Emerald (91)

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Find out what our customers have been creating - knitting & crocheting with DK.

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