Marriner DK Colour Packs

Our classic Double Knit yarn, collected and correlated in themed collections: whether capturing the beauty of the Woodland, prepping for Halloween, getting into the Christmas spirit or knitting gifts for the little ones, there is a bundle for everyone. Great as a starter pack for those just getting starting on their Made with Marriners adventure.

Smooth, soft, and beautiful to work with; for a super affordable, classic Double Knit you won't need to look any further than our Double Knit yarn.

It’s no surprise that our Double Knit yarn is our most popular range - made with 100% premium acrylic yarn, our Double Knit range is soft, lightweight, and machine washable at 40°C.

Offered in a great variety of shades, from greys to blues, to purples, to greens, this is a versatile DK yarn; there is a colour perfect for all people and all projects and it can be used with any DK pattern. At only £1.25 per 100g ball, they are the best price available. Perfect for experimenting or making sure your knitting or crochet essentials are always topped up.

What's Included?

  • Circus: Red (42), Jaffa (63), Sunrise (70), Cordial (162), Royal (86).

  • Halloween: Purple (17), Jaffa (63), Black (44), Cordial (162), Poppy (18).

  • Nautical: White (40), Pale Blue (47), Madonna (33), Red (42), Navy (43).

  • Pinks: White (40), Pink (46), Pale Rose (111), Fondant (52), Fiesta (64).

  • Woodland: Lovat (144), Mink (143), Cinnamon (131), Oatmeal (35), Emerald (91).

  • Sunrise: Storm (132), Madonna (33), Pale Blue (47), Begonia (150), Sunflower (75).

  • Christmas: Apple (16), Claret (32), White (40), Red (42), Emerald (91).

  • Blues: White (40), Pale Blue (47), Madonna (33), Navy (43), Royal (86).

  • Twilight: Purple (17), Violet (94), Lavender (53), Royal (86), Navy (43).

  • Out of stock:
  • Sunset: Purple (17), Cerise (97), Berry (146), Cinnamon (131), Mustard (136).

  • Sherbet: Pink (46), Lemon (48), Sweet Pea (147), Aqua (130), Lupin (151).

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    Find individual 100g balls in our standard Double Knit range - for only £1.25 per 100g ball - here.

    Find out what our customers have been creating - knitting & crocheting with DK.

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