Marriner Petite DK Pack 20x10g

Perfectly petite balls of Marriner's best-selling DK.

Our petite packs offer a huge range of Marriner's favourite colours in 10g balls.

Whether you are looking for just a taster of our colour range, making sure your stash is backed up, or even embarking on some dinky knitting and crochet projects, like toys, doll's clothes or amigurumi - you will find the same high-quality acrylic as our Double Knit 100g and the same exceptional value.

Each pack contains 20 x 10g balls of Double Knit. Each ball is a different colour - there are no duplicate shades.

The Dark Petite Pack contains our deeper and richer DK shades like Silver, Blue Mist, Jaffa, Mink, Navy, Blue, Berry, Black, Cerise, Emerald, Purple, Chocolate, Royal, Latte, Claret, Red, Seagreen, Fiesta, Sunflower and Violet.

The Light Petite Pack contains our brighter and paler DK shades such as Lavender, Sunrise, Pink, Oatmeal, Aqua, Cordial, Cream, Verbena, Lemon, Lovat, Cinnamon, Sweetpea, Turquoise, White, Pale Rose, Fondant, Silver, Lupin, Honey and Pale Blue.

£3.95(in stock)