Smooth Touch Cotton Look Bumper Packs

Our Smooth Touch Cotton-Look DK offers the smoothness and lightness of cotton, and is just as beautiful to work with. As a Double Knit, it can adapt to lots of patterns.

Our range of colours are available in 7 bumper packs: Bubblegum, Gemstone, Country Walk, Spring, Sunset, Blossom, and Cool Breeze.

Bubblegum - 2 each of: Blue, Cream and Pink.
Spring - 2 each of: Green, Yellow and White.
Cool Breeze - 2 each of: Blue, Random Blue and White.

Gemstone - 2 each of: Blue, Random Pink and Red.
Country Walk - 2 each of: Random Cream, Green and Red.
Sunset - 2 each of: Pink, Red and Yellow.
Blossom - 2 each of: Pink, Random Pink and White.

£11.70(in stock)