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Interested in working with Marriner Yarns?

We know that there are many talented knitters and crocheters out there: teaching, inspiring, creating and designing your very own wonderful creations... and we’re looking for ways to work more closely with you.

We are on the lookout for bold, interesting, quirky, classic, outside-the-box, and most importantly, enthusiastic people who feel they are on to something special and would like to be involved with us.

Do you create your own patterns? We are happy to take a look at any original patterns you think we would like - whether they are for ladies, men, babies, dogs, or just a bit of fun, we want to see them. As a community we know there can never be too many patterns! We want to offer our customers patterns they won’t find anywhere else, and where better to find those patterns than within the community itself. We know so many of you will have completed patterns ready to go- and we want to see them.

Do you have your own followers? We would also love to hear from you. If you already love Marriner Yarns and would like to spread the word to your audience, then let us know. There are so many ways we could work together to build interesting and inspiring content for the larger knitting and crochet community.

Something else? We want to hear any weird and wonderful ideas you may have, send us an email and if we can see the potential for working together, we will get in touch with you.

We are excited to hear from you and can’t wait to get things started!

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